How to disable the cache usage in SugarCRM

SugarCRM is configured by default to use external cache and if the external cache storage is not available, it will produce a warning or error.

The specific cache handlers can be disabled with the following lines:

‘external_cache_disabled_apc’ => ‘true’, //if set to true will disable apc external cache.
‘external_cache_disabled_memcache’ => ‘true’, //if set to true will disable memcache external cache
‘external_cache_disabled_zend’ => true, //if set to true will disable zend external cache

To disable the caching completely, use the following line:

‘external_cache_disabled’ => ‘true’,

The lines should be placed in the beginning of the SugarCRM’s configuration file – config.php.

How to clear Drupal’s cache

The easiest and fastest way to clear Drupal’s cache if you have access to its database is to execute the following SQL query on its database:

DELETE FROM {cache};

Another way to clear the cache in Drupal is to create a PHP file to clear caches and rebuild the routing tables. Be careful not to leave this on the server as anyone can clear caches if they know the file name. Create a file named clear.php with the following code. Place the file in drupal base directory and run it by browsing to

include_once './includes/';

The third and the lamest way is through the Drupal’s admin area. Simply go to Administer > Site configuration > Performance. Near the bottom of the page, you’ll see a big fat button that says “Clear cached data.” I think you can take it from there.